It’s always exciting and disconcerting when you start something new that has the capacity for endless creativity and sharing. As a 25 year old photographer and student, places for inspiration to curdle and bubble over are places I need to be. A blog is a good idea to connect and learn from a broader and also creative community.

Anyway, about me, well as you know already I am a photographer, mainly street photography and portraiture. My big life goal is to practice documentary/journalistic photography. Such as, National Geographic style and a great inspiration of mine, Sebastian Salgado. I LOVE analogue (35 mm) photography, I am not into digital at all. I’ll do it but I have extreme anxiety attacks and feel so disconnected from my surroundings. As an artist, I want to capture the truth, good and bad with the rawest medium I possibly can. One that I can attach to myself and immerse myself into an environment with. To capture light and life while being in the centre of it and being completely invisible at the same time (I’m still learning to not cause pedestrian traffic on the streets…but, it’s a learning process).

I am in love with the Lord our Father, I gave my heart to Him when I was two years old and baptized when I was twelve and I can tell you it’s been quite a journey. The things the Lord has rearranged and changed within me and His grace, mercy and love, I cannot explain to you His awesome power. He is becoming the love of my life and to share Him with you is the greatest blessing.

“He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” – John 7:38

Food is one of my greatest passions, cooking and eating it and sharing it. Nigella Lawson is my wife (I’m straight in real life) and taught me to enjoy cooking. She helped me untie the perfectionism I had wrapped around my idea of well, perfectionism in the kitchen and to rather enjoy cooking and the mess that comes with it. It’s okay for people to know what you’ve made is homemade, and that you yourself are homemade too.

Fashion and art (which are the same thing) are also a great indulgent passion of mine as well as beauty (basically I am the definition of a woman). And here on my new blog I will be sharing all these passions with you in images and blurbs and through my other social media sites, Instagram and Pinterest.

I will state when an image is not mine like this (this is not my image) otherwise please assume it is all mine.

To conclude, thank you for having a geez at my blog and I cannot wait to share my journey with you.


Love from,

Laura xo

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