Old writings…

Hello All!

I hope everyone’s early December has been filled with joy and laughter. My family and I are soon to be on our way to find the perfect Christmas tree (as I will not allow a fake one! Are you kidding me!).

Anyway, I actually came on here to share some old writings of mine that I found this morning. I love looking at what I have written in the past years and seeing them in a new light and with new eyes. It’s interesting how God grows us and reveals to us different truths, well, actually, different perspectives and depths of the understanding of ‘The Truth’ with the same words as times beforehand, when we could only see the surface.

So, I hope you enjoy and God Bless.

Morning, Mother Earth


“It’s 6:10 am, Wednesday and it’s beautiful outside. The fresh, crisp air bites at my toes and the sky is cloudy with a tint of pastel orange and pink.

I love these hours of the morning, hardly any human is awake but nature is at its most awoken state. I think the earth is at its most definite-organic at this time of day.

The golden sunlight streams through the tops of the trees, and at each hour the light is a little lower down the trunks of the trees. Glistening, on the wet, dewy grass growing above the earth’s floor.

“Whoever designed the clock was obviously unaware of how valuable time was, and still is.”

Whoever designed the clock was obviously unaware of how valuable time was, and still is. Not time as in minutes and how long it takes to bake a cake, but the amount of sun and moonlight you spend with loved ones. Or even the amount of time you dream.

There are no measures on unique moments such as these.”

– L.A. MacDonald

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