What did I cook for Christmas?! – A very late Christmas food post.

I LOVE Christmas! I love it so much! I start jumping up and down and screaming and singing and just literally only think about the shiny tinsel and the excitement of watching others opening their presents. I just… can’t even explain the ecstatic joy that billows over in my heart when Christmas comes to town. Okay, enough of that. Now I know I talked about posting what I was cooking for Christmas in my welcome post (scroll down) but I sort of left it on the back burner. Although, I did post about it on Instagram for Christmas (find link to my Instagram below).

Anyway, I’ll stop bantering about nothingness now and actually tell you about what I cooked. As you get to know me a bit more, you will come to understand my never-ending infatuous, irrevocable love for Nigella Lawson (I often refer to her as ‘my wife’ even though I am straight, let’s not get political here). So, the recipe is Nigella Lawson’s Christmas-Spiced Chocolate Cake! Mmmm… It tasted so spiced and warm in my belly, a similar feeling to a perfectly toasted cinnamon roll. However, this cake has clementine, which I believe that it is more of an English fruit, but please don’t quote me because I have done absolutely no research, whatsoever, on the popularity of clementines in Australia. All I can say is that, I have never seen one in my life! Not in any shop I’ve ever been to, so, you decide if I’m a reliable source or not when it comes to citrus fruit purchases in Australia.

You will find a link to this delectable recipe below, which leads me to explain the tweaks I made (obviously Nigella’s recipes are absolute, but when it comes to unavailability of certain ingredients, we can let it slide). So, I used a lemon instead of a clementine and also because we didn’t have any oranges, which I would have preferred to use. However, the lemon gave the cake a splendid spritz of tang at the end of the fiesta, that happily plays out in your mouth with every bite you take. I also used ground cardamom instead of ground clove, I would encourage you all to use cardamom instead, especially if you are a sweet tooth, although clove has a lovely, gentle earthy flavour that would compliment the dancers performing in that fiesta we talked about earlier. And I believe that is all the adjustments I made.

I hope you do enjoy this exotic Christmas Cake, definitely one for intimate Christmas parties, to spice things up (‘cause all family reunions need more spicing, hint, hint – not).

If you do not cook this luscious, devious desert, I will be sad for you but you can admire the picture of my very own, homemade, Christmas-Spiced Chocolate Cake!

Enjoy & God bless you in this new year!

P.s. Post on the new year is coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled 😉

Love from,

Laura xo

Link to Christmas-Spiced Chocolate Cake:


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