Psalms in a song

“All that matters is that I have You

My greatest desire

Minister to my heart Jesus and make me more like you

You are my rock,

there is no unrighteousness in You

The safety in You,

allows me to run wild with Your truth

For as I face the darkness,

with your light

I can longer be confined

You are renewing my mind

Your mercy and Your faithfulness shall be with me

Your hand set over above all of the seas

Your spirit through the rivers

Your covenant with me

Your love endures forever

The king of all kings

As you sit on your throne

We shout Father Oh Father Your holiness reigns forever

Your holy anointing flooding all over me

This tabernacle I can enter with glee

Your holy ground breathing under my feet

The breath of your freedom awakening me

You shall flourish on high forevermore

Our enemies will perish and they shall be no more

You have planted us faithful in the house of the Lord,

in the courts of your kingdom,

in this secret place

Your throne is established,

it cannot be erased

You have sworn by Your holiness

The words from Your lips

Of blessing and conquer over all our conquests.” – L.A MacDonald

Based on Psalms 89, 91, 92, 93

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