March – What’s coming up

Hello All!

Happy autumn Australia and other countries that have autumn this time of year (sorry, I don’t know who you are and I couldn’t be bothered googling it).

I love autumn! I am an autumn baby, born in May. I can’t wait to do autumn photo shoots with friends and myself.

What’s coming up:

  • Photos – photo expeditions in Melbourne city
  • Uni projects
  • Secret project – I haven’t actually started this project yet but it is something that has been in my mind probably since I started photography really, and it’s developed and change (in my mind) and now I feel ready to start it this year.
  • God talk – of course, we will see where He takes me and wants to share through here with you guys
  • Food – I really want to post more on food but it’s a little hard being a student living in a share house. We share, which is totally cool but cooking and photo shooting is a bit hard when you’re wanting to be respectful of everyone’s time.

Anyway there is probably a lot more and as you know from my welcome post (scroll down) this blog is quite fluid as I am a timeless wanderer.

Anyway, bless you all and I hope your first month of autumn is filled with beautiful colours, beautiful moments and beautiful people!

God Bless,

Laura xo

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