Hello…it’s me.

Hello All!

I am so sorry for my absence here! I have been busy getting uni sorted and to be honest, I have been on a bit low until I came home on my birthday! Please, I am sorry if I sound ungrateful. I love Melbourne and I love my church family there and friends but when you are from the country, the city can be the most isolating place and also quite constrictive. Of course the city has its glories, amazing food, even more amazing coffee, endless shops to buy things you don’t need and the art scene is impeccable.

But sometimes, it is good to get back to your roots, in the quiet serene country side. Every where you look is luscious greenery, no dramatic or offensive man made buildings. Quaint country homes, beautiful and healthy animals, stunning sunsets and crisp wintery blue skies. Our house is 5 acres of paradise and my Mum tells you all about it on her new wordpress blog! The link to Mum’s website will be down below.

Time stands still when I come home. All the silly things that consume my mind, all of a sudden fall away as soon as the plane hits on the tarmac. Our backyard is a mini paradise, butterflies gently flutter around the garden out the back. The roses continue to flourish down the back fence and our dogs and cats never fail to entertain us.

Anyway, there are definitely posts coming! Home cooking posts, God posts and something special. I promise good stuff is on its way!

thank you for your patience and I can’t wait to share life with you all.

God Bless,

Laura xo

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