“Without the Dwarves” 35mm Series.

Hello All!

Here is a post long overdue of a project I did for an assignment last trimester. The assignment was for a unit based on studio lighting and all that that entails. However, I’m not huge on studio lighting or digital photography (I have nothing against it, I appreciate it as an art form, I just prefer organic stuff). So really I just used two mediumish LED lights to say that it was “studio” lighting. But anyway, the LED lights did help produce a theatrical depth to the images which I love!

I used a 35 mm film called Fujifilm Superia x-tra 400 which is beautiful for vibrancy of colour and stunning grain (love the grain). My sister/friend and model Ginger helped with scoping out her neighbourhood for the perfect abandoned house I’ve ever seen. It was HUGE and was quite strangely designed to be honest. However, strangeness is only a benefit when it comes to the world of arts and getting your creative on. The colours in the house added a happy-fantasy feel to the images and Ginger’s perfect red dress just popped in every room (also thanks to the sun which added the perfect amount of warmth and intensity in colours). Also, there were books lying around, worn and weather damaged, beautiful wooden cabinets with love heart carvings, laying on the floor in a room with a beautiful overgrown vine, flourishing over a knocked down wall. It was a fairytale dream.

So, the story line for this series is based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. However, there is a twist! Snow White is home waiting for the dwarves to come and waits and waits. She is saddened by their delay and soon realises they aren’t coming and becomes furious! Snow White becomes a bit psychotic by the end of it. Unfortunately we had to replace the pie (original dessert in the Snow White story) to a cake due to, well I didn’t want to bake one knowing it would only go flying through the air.

There was cake flying through the air?? Why yes, there was. So, for the final shot and the only shot I could get due to the fact that we only had one cake and I was also using an analogue camera that can’t take 15 frames in one second, Ginger took up the challenge to through cake at me. Because the house was run down there was a perfect hole in the wall and I stood on one side of the hole, camera peaking through into the other room where Ginger was piping up for the big shot. First, Ginger practiced her aim with a book – then came the big swing. SPLAT! The perfect shot and cake all over my shoulder, hair and camera strap. If anyone could be hit by the colour pink and be able to smell it to, that was certainly it. It was so much fun!


Please enjoy and feel free to comment! I would love to know your thoughts and your ideal story line for Snow White.


God Bless,


Love from Laura xo


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