Back in the Bush (Cooking Edition).

Hello All!


Now, it has been around two months since I got back to Melbourne from holidaying at home in country NSW. I know I promised to post what I baked at home and well, there has not been much time to do so. University is busy as it is coming up to the end of another year and doing life gets a bit hectic sometimes. Anyhoo, today is the perfect day for me to share with you what I baked while I was at home! I am at my church family’s house (the family that took me in when I first moved to Melbourne) for the holiday week and I am sitting in the recently rearranged library in this stunningly big brick home. In the library is high ceilings with wooden cladding going up the walls mixed with brick and a comfy window seat in front of a wide window that looks out onto the calm, serene surrounding houses that are just as beautiful as this one. the neighbour’s pigeons soar around the landscape and the sky is vast and allows the eye to see the most stunning picture of the stars, dusk and dawn. It’s my second home.


Moving onto “back in the bush” cooking edition, I have a guilty confession to make….. I made 6 cakes in under two weeks and ate a large majority of them all….. my butt no longer looks as buttful as it did before I came home. I also sat down for a month there so that also did not help the butt situation…nor any other situation really. So, the majority of the recipes are by Nigella Lawson, I will link her website down below and will try and title each cake if I can remember what they are called.

So feast your eyes, pray for my butt and enjoy cooking in the kitchen with me!



Ginger & Walnut Carrot Cake.

The icing for this cake is suppose to be cream cheese icing, however due to my lactose intolerance I just used icing sugar. You can buy lactose free cream cheese but I do not actually like it so, yeah. I would have loved to have experimented with coconut cream but we will save that for another time.


Chocolate Olive Oil Cake.

I seem to be having trouble with bicarb soda, no matter how much I put into cakes whether that is following the recipe or putting in less, it’s basically all I can taste and I do not know why. If anyone has any answers or feels the same please let me know because I just do not understand.


Blueberry Muffins.

This recipe is from Pinterest not from Nigella, however Nigella does do blueberry muffins if you wish to use her recipe.

Blueberry Muffin Recipe Link:

7598C59D-49C4-469D-AA01-D2B6D45793DD.JPGClassic Scones.

859FD95B-66BA-40C4-A9E6-129A3CF26B90.JPGYes, another Ginger & Walnut Carrot Cake. Do not judge me.

I also made another chocolate olive oil cake. And I know I said I cooked 6 cakes but I do not have evidence of them all, unfortunately. I also made detox beetroot juice from Gather + Feast recipe Ebook, pancakes and a whole lot of coffee.


Country living is the best kind of living. It is real luxury and we are so blessed to live where we do and I am so blessed to be able to come home every holiday and bake to my hearts content considering I do not have enough money to eat full decent meals everyday in Melbourne. Not that I am complaining, God is giving me enough for the season He has me in and I am learning to rely on Him completely. Oh how He loves me and I do not even know just how much. God loves you too!


I hope you enjoyed this post and I am looking forward to sharing more photography adventures with you soon!


God Bless,


Love from,

Laura xo

Nigella Lawson Website:, click this link to soak up and drool over all of Nigella Lawson’s recipes!

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