Hillsong Conference, Sydney 2018

Hello All!

I had the privilege of going to the Hillsong conference in Sydney this year with my Previous Pastor, his beautiful wife and stunning daughter Alex. It was the first time I have attended a Hillsong conference and it was an extraordinary, once-in-a-life-time experience. The LORD spoke to me in deep and powerful ways and the worship was AMAZING! There was 80 000 people, 2 marriage proposals, lots of laughter and beautiful days of exploration in Sydney with my Pastor’s family.

We stayed at a air bnb hotel that was simple and sweet. The neighbouring streets looked like Paris with the beautiful stripped trees standing proud in front of the local french cafes and restaurants. The winter light and paved foot paths, autumn leaves flittering around the skinny streets. It was such a privilege to experience and I am very thankful to my Pastor and his family for the experience and everything they have given me through their lives and service at our church.

we drove up to Sydney from Melbourne and our Australian landscape is so captivating. From vast land outlined by big dark forest green trees to deep valleys and luscious hills. Multiple shades of green with the shadows of the clouds laying peacefully upon the land. The sun streaming into the car, seeping into our bones.

Our first day in Sydney was our main adventure day and it was beautiful. So warm, clear blu sky, surrounded by the stunning sea of Sydney Harbour. We say the Sydney Harbour Bridge and even drove across it on our way back to Melbourne as a celebratory goodbye. We explored around the Sydney Opera house and explored the beautiful botanical gardens.

Shot by the talented Alex Hodge. ©lauraamy35mm2018
Yep, I quit. I am the worst analogue-selfie taker in the world. ©lauraamy35mm2018

What an adventure it was. So to share the wonderful time in Sydney here are some photos I took on my little day camera. It is 35 mm film, shot on a polaroid something something (I will get the name of it soon). The film used is my favourite at the moment, Fujifilm Superia x-tra 400.


Enjoy and Praise the LORD!!


Love from,

Laura xo



  1. Beautiful photos I would have loved to have seen inside some of the old buildings especially that little stone cottage if their walls could talk, it would be creepy but imagine the stories. You know you cant take a selfie wrong your too beautiful. Love ya very proud Mumma.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mumma, yeah it would have been fun to go in there were a lot of little old buildings everywhere. Mehe well I did this one wrong coz I totally cut Alex out of the frame 😂 poor Alex. Fanks Mummy 💕 love you too.


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