First breakfast fire for the season.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to my Mum, after one month of winter we can now have an open fire on our property! With views of the mountains, our property blooming, veggies shooting up from the ground (slowly but surely) and watching the wild ducks land gracefully (as they can) in our dam, we can sit and relax by the warmth of nature’s gift.

My cousin bought me a camping coffee percolator and I finally gave it a go today. It is most certainly nicer to taste than putting it on the stove. The fire was perfect for bringing out the coffee aroma wrapped in a smoked, woody flavour. It was smooth and delicious! Not only did I delight in fire cooked coffee, but also white amish bread I made last night which was DELICIOUS!! Even the Butcher Birds thought so.

Anyway, I spent some much needed time with the Lord by the beautiful hungry flames. I am slowly working my way through the whole Bible and at the moment I am in Joshua. The Old Testament has been quite a journey thus far! This morning I read Joshua chapter 7 and it is about Joshua and the Israelites defeating the town called Ai. Some of the children of Israel took what the LORD did not permit them to, and buried treasures under their tent. Because of this God caused them to lose men by the enemy of Ai, during battle due to this trespass against Him. “…Therefore the hearts of the people melted and became like water.” Joshua 7:5. I found this passage astounding! God allowed them to fall because they were going in with the wrong intention. Well, at least some of them were and their hearts melted like water.

When we realise that we have done something that God didn’t call us to do or when we don’t look at the bigger picture as to why we are moving forward, we fall short of the glory of God and it can also lead us to sin. We look merely at human treasure and not what God has for us which rings with eternal treasures and leads us to truth and further revelation of who God is. God’s gracious Love and Mercy gently and sometimes boldly convicts us and we melt. Our hearts melt because we come to realise that we have not listened or not obeyed the plan that our Heavenly Father laid out for us.

When it comes to earthly Father’s, sometimes we can do things that hurt them because they can see we are doing something that will or is purposely hurting us. That’s what God feels when we don’t listen or when we run for what’s ahead without the intention of Heaven. Our heart melts in conviction when we see our earthly Father’s hurt for us, because of us. And that goes the same for when we understand God’s love for us as our ultimate Father.

I don’t have much of a relationship with my earthly Father, but God has blessed me with many strong, healthy, Godly men in my life who have been an example of one for me. As children we are gifts from God and sometimes parents don’t know that that is what they are too, so they don’t know how to treat us as a gift. And that’s okay, because we, coming into the revelation that Jesus is our Saviour and through Him we can meet the Father and get to know the Father’s love for us, we can be an example of that love for our earthly parents and others around us.

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” – John 3:16

Anyway, that wasn’t what I was planning to say but I trust that God wanted me to say it.
Later on in the chapter the people who stole and hid the goods confess before Joshua and God what they had done. But Joshua said something significant before the peoples confession, he said, “My son, I beg you, give glory to the LORD God of Israel, and make confession to Him, and tell me now what you have done; do not hide it from me.” Joshua says this in verse 19. The man he was talking to wasn’t his biological son, he was someone else’s. Yet, because he was a child of Israel, a child of God, Joshua recognised him as his own son, some one he pastored and looked after as though he were one of his own. Just like the men in my life who were a reflection of our ultimate Father. Joshua knew this person intimately and when we know someone intimately we feel safe enough to share the things that may be in the way of being right with God. I saw in Joshua’s heart, God’s heart for us when we don’t talk to Him about what is really going on in our hearts and minds.

After the son of Israel confessed his sin, Joshua sent people to dig out the buried treasure and laid them out before the LORD. Unfortunately after, the son was stoned by the peoples. But today, thankfully we can live in the eternal salvation Jesus brought to us by conquering sin and death on that cross, and the freedom of His resurrection. We can live in this by believing, “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” – Romans 10:9. This is a continual believe and a continual confessing, day in and day out. John Piper does an excellent explanation on this passage on YouTube, I highly recommend you check it out!

“And I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh,” – Ezekiel 11:19

God wants us to give Him the stones of death in our heart, or if you’re not saved He wants your whole heart of stone! He wants us to give them to Him so He can give us a living heart and heart that produces the Fruit of the Spirit and the fullness of Christ. Maybe we don’t realise that these stones we are keeping wedged in our hearts, are blocking the water God is trying to pour into our lives. And I personally have been struggling with that lately. But, God wants us to pray continually, to have consistent relationship with Him. So, that’s what I will do, lay down every stone before Him and let His waters overflow.

“My son, My daughter, I beg you, remember who I AM, remember where I stand. Above you and your issues and beside you whispering My truth and hopes for you. I am telling you to lay down all your stones soI can unleash the truth that will flood your heart like a river. I’m doing this to set you free from the yoke of slavery into the yoke of Light.” (based on many Bible passages)

I hope this encourages and uplifts you today!

God Bless,

Laura xo.

P.S. this is not an ad for Vitasoy… but I would be willing to get sponsored by them :P.



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