An Echo Isn’t Empty

Hello All!

Here is another complete painting that I hope brings you to a place of reflecting and soul searching. This painting was such an adventure for me personally, Humpback whales are one of my favourite sea creatures along with sting rays. Learning about them through this process was so much fun, it fills me up with so much joy!

This painting was inspired by a vision I had at a creative worship night back in Melbourne. Artists from around Melbourne were invited to a night of worship in all its forms including writing, painting, collages, song writing and of course a short sermon. The man preaching spoke about how we are each a unique echo of Jesus and even though we are broken, He uses us to reveal Himself to others. The goal of the night was to inspire our artistic works from the sermon, and everyone had such beautiful work and all so different.

Personally, I joined the song writing group and whilst we were reflecting on the sermon, the Holy Spirit gave me a picture of a very joyous whale in the centre of three white rings. The rings represented the Trinity, Father, Spirit, Son and they were white to represent purity. The whale was surfacing to the top of the water and he was singing joyful songs.

This artwork is titled ‘An Echo Isn’t Empty’, it is a question to viewers as to what echo are you making, because no echo is empty. An echo is full of sound, frequency and embodies movement and repercussions. The marks on the whale represent his personal journey through life and he is headed forward into the future. The medium is acrylic.

We each make our own echo, what echo are you making?

“Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the Earth!” – Psalm 100:1

Love from,





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