Chocolate Cruffins!!!!

Hello All!

Recently, I dived or stirred into sourdough starter and I am so excited! It is so much fun, it’s literally a pet and I’ve named it but that will be a whole other post. This post is sharing with you a product from the sourdough starter – CRUFFINS! OMG they are amazing! So much butter – you can never have enough butter. So, a cruffin is a croissant cross muffin. They are so much fun to make and super easy. You even get to relax for 3 hours while the cruffins ferment and they only take 20 minutes to bake. If you’re wanting to surprise loved ones and also look like you’re a professional baker, this is the recipe for you!!!

I’ve basically eaten them all. They are sooooo filling and not too sweet, they are actually quite plain so you can add custard, ice-cream or if you’re like me they are just enough as they are.

More posts on the way! Enjoy!

God Bless xo

Cruffin Recipe link here:

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