Seeing Snow for the First Time!!

At the end of June I think it was, I was in the middle of a road trip through NSW (COVID safe, don’t worry). It was challenging and pushed me but it was an amazing experience seeing our country and exploring it alone. Thankfully I did get to meet up with friends along the way; divine appointments. My heart for this trip, well, the significant destination I was really hoping would be Tasmania. However, due to COVID and finances that wasn’t an option this time. While scrolling on Instagram I kept seeing these images of this beautiful landscape, tall yellow trees, autumn leaves, rivers and long roads. I felt something in my heart when I saw those pictures and I had to click on them, check them out and there it was, the most beautiful quaint town Bright, Victoria.

Thankfully my Melbourne friends were on holidays at the same time and we were able to meet in Bright and spend a couple of days together – and I got to see snow!!! It was only the beginning of the snow season so I didn’t get the full experience but it was more than enough to feed my joy and life long dream of seeing snow. Bright was so beautiful, the little shops waiting for summer and the hope of tourists that were kept out from COVID. The stunning clean river streaming through the park, like a stream of sheer silk telling us of all that is to come.

The windy hills that cars really shouldn’t be able to drive on wound us up and down all the way to falls creek. I got a bit car sick but nothing could take away the joy I had in my heart to see the glistening crystals in the sunlight. Finally we made it to the top and I walked straight to the edge of the car park to the little patches of purity on the ground and I stood on it! I touched it! Then we trekked up the hill which I really wasn’t excited about one, because who in their right mind chooses to trek up a hill and two, I also had a bunged hip from driving a manual around for 2-3 weeks, sitting down for hours in a day. We made it almost all the way, at least high enough to see the layering mountains framing the direction of the valleys below and into the horizon. It amazes me how something that is frozen can stay sparkling and firm in any strength of sunlight. Just amazing! Guess what… I even ate it! It was nice, like snow cones you know. We even had a divine appointment with the local artist blacksmith. This was the day before we actually went to the snow BUT it was the day we were planning to go to the snow. We put on google maps and set off to falls creek in the morning. We drove past the blacksmith’s amazing sign (see below) and Ginger (one of my friends) asked in excitement “should we go back and visit the blacksmith!?” Uncertain we decided “why not!” So we turned around and pulled over and stayed chatting about God, testimonies, the future and more for about 3 hours. We didn’t go to the snow that day. Funnily enough, the next day when we did go to the snow, we put falls creek in google maps again and it was the complete opposite direction from the blacksmith. God can control google! I wish I got to spend more time in Bright. I am so thankful I got to visit and explore just a glimpse of all the natural beauty it holds.

Hopefully I can go in the summer time – that will just have to be another adventure!

Where is your next holiday planned for? Do you have any fun snow stories? I’d love to hear all about them so please share in the comments below!

“Come now, and let us reason together,” saith the Lord. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” – Isaiah 1:18

God Bless.

Laura xo

All photos shot on my Diana Mini, 35mm. She’s very temperamental.

©2020 Laura MacDonald Photography

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