‘Selah’ Single – my first song

Hello All!

I hope this finds you in good cheer for CHRISTmas, after such a long tiring road – 2020. At the beginning of COVID, I felt to share my first song over on my Instagram but didn’t feel pressed to share it over here on my blog, as I was in a season of figuring out what God wanted me to do next. I still don’t feel pressed to share it here but I don’t feel the LORD stopping me as I feel it is a free gift for everyone.

I first received the melody for this song at Hillsong Conference 2019. I ran to the bathroom repeating it over and over in my head so I wouldn’t forget and sat on the toilet humming it into my phone (sorry for TMI). Of course, a christian conference is probably the only place you feel okay to hum in a public restroom, so I was glad it was there that the Holy Spirit gave it to me.

The lyrics came the I think after I moved from Melbourne back to the mid north coast, yeah it was. I remember now and during study break I went down to Melbourne and stayed with a friend who has a beautiful piano (I have a keyboard) and she kindly let me play it and I got to record my songs.

Please know, this single recording is a bit rough, I wasn’t planning on sharing this version as it is more a draft in my eyes but the LORD said to share it, so I did. And now I get to share it here with you lovely people!

Keep a look out, more information is coming this week about the meaning behind the title and song + more!

God Bless!

Love from,

Laura xo

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