Christmas shopping: Prints for sale!

old bridge, South West Rocks 2019. Digital. ©Laura MacDonald Photography 2020.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a love one or friend, whether they have been a close companion during this rollercoaster ride of a year or a distant loved one who is close to your heart, a beautiful print of the places you love might be a perfect way to share something special for a life time.

Street photography, nature, golden hour, crystal clear waters, the choice is yours! You can head over to my shop via the menu tab up on the top left hand corner or follow through the link below and take your pick!

My heart is that these images bring peace and joy into your home’s and will last as generational treasures for your family and friends.

I have so many stories behind these beautiful captures I don’t even know where to start. I hope they become a story of love and light to every receiver.

God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!🎄🎉💕

Love from,

Laura xo

P.s. if you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact me via the contact page! (Link in menu and below).



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