W.Cowper ‘The Solitude of Alexander Selkirk’ Read aloud (audio)

Flashback to a winter morning ☕

Hello beautiful people!

I thought it would be fun to try something new when it comes to the poem of the month here on belongingbylaura!

I have always loved being read to by the ones I love. When I was little I always wanted mum to read to me until I fell asleep. If not her then myself. I never lost that comforting need to be nurtured by the the sounds of people who intimately know you, listen to you and choose to love you despite what you say or do. Their voice resembles commitment, unconditional love, hardship, toil, personal tones and throngs of their story and parts of their inner selves that no one will ever truly know.

Before I get carried away, I have audio recorded myself reading the poem of the month! I hope it brings a few minutes of comfort and solace for your needing ears. As it is my first time, I do ask for forgiveness for any mishaps I may have done, mumbling, mispronunciation (is that how you spell it?).

Enjoy and happy Sabbath Sunday 💕🌟✨

  1. I have come to the knowledge that I pronounced ‘Cowper’ wrong, I apologise to William Cowper himself. It is pronounced ‘Cooper’. And once again the English language makes no sense.


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