Dreaming & Planning my Future Home

I can remember, sitting at the table, pursuing creativity over technology and I decided “right! I’ve been planning my future Home in my head for years, I think I have enough to draw a floor plan.” So I sat down for TWO HOURS drawing up this floor plan (no maths involved obviously, I don’t do maths) and visually applied scale. TWO HOURS! I had not done anything that intently for that long for what seems like many many moons. And it had been many many moons.

Sitting back after I had completed the floor plan, I felt so fulfilled and nourished. Passion had been stirred within and I couldn’t help gleaming at the thought that I had just completed something and it was something that held my complete and total attention from start to finish…and..I’m not tired! I was full, overflowing with exhilaration that I then went on for another hour or so scrapbooking the interior design of most rooms from old magazines I had.

It’s about seven months later since I did that and it has still left a mark on me, in a very good way. After studying for so long, being crushed by deadlines and slow comprehension, I know that I need to insert and breathe more creativity into my life, even when study feels like it’s winning my energy and soul.

So this year, my intention is to plan days for creativity and ONLY creativity inbetween days of study. I’m horrible at time management and I’m hoping the pursuit of the arts will trump over my unwillingly-assertive drive to do ANYTHING BUT STUDY!

So I thought I’d share some inspiration here of my future home with you all. Of course please know none of these images are NOT mine and they are all from Pinterest. If you would like more of this kind of stuff in your Pinterest feed my link is below and above!

What does your dream house look like!? Do you have a good schedule for your time management? If so, what have you found works best for you? I’d love to know!

P.s. I’m completely against white walls! A few white walls are okay to balance a space but not EVERY DANG WALL!!! White isn’t a colour, its clinical, it’s a base colour. There’s a whole dang rainbow and everyone is choosing white!?! Anyone know what I’m sayin’?

No images here are mine. The source of all images are from Pinterest and some from Instagram đŸ‘đŸ».

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