My favourite place in the whole wide world, is just down the road.

Come for a walk with me, through my favourite place in the whole wide world. Luscious paddocks of rich green. Cattle, curious and full of generous attitude. Willy Wag Tails tease you, flying ahead of you shaking their tails, watching you waiting for you to come just a bit closer and *zoop* there a few steps ahead of you again. They are a perfect example of the alluring manner of a woman telling a man her interest through the chase of love and desire.

Here we have Mr Bailey’s bridge, I don’t always pass this bridge as it is in the other direction from where I walk. However, whenever I pass the street that leads to it, I dream of it, having picnics with my future husband, lost in a moment of timeless beauty. A mulberry tree is full and large just before you get to this bridge. Nothing screams summer like free fruit near your local farmers land.

Here below, is actually quite far along on my walk and due to lack of daylight (more my timing trying to avoid the heat) I have to turn back home before I get here. Thankfully on good days when the heat doesn’t knock me about and the sunsets are long and forever giving beauty, I get to walk all the way to the next street over (overall it’s about 8km, there and back). This lane here is really the size of a one way street as it’s a back road through the farm land by the river. This lane links to the next street over and it’s a walk through history. At the top of the hill there’s the old church that is now a house and a small quaint cemetery. I think it’s interesting, and with all respect I say this, that all the grave sites are faced toward the church with their backs to this view. Of course the presence of God can be found in the church but His glorious imagination is in creation. I think I’d prefer to face this view, it’s closer looking to heaven to me. All the trees you see in the distant background are pecan trees. There’s a pecan orchard down the way, you’ll get to see it soon. So, you past the cemetery to the old school, established in the early 1800s I believe. It is now a home too but the owners have kept the history beaming. These beautiful big old trees purposefully placed around the yard, *sigh* what a place to learn, thrive and play.

And here, we can see the stunning view, mountains disappearing into the golden light of the heavens. These rolling hills have become the blueprint of my imagination, this divine sheen of yellow glow, fills made up memories of a future I hope to claim and keep as my lot.

And here we are, at the pecan orchard. There’s no fence and only a few, it seems, know of it’s treasure of peace and natural tinsel swaying in the breeze. It’s a play ground for those who defy the prison of cement and brick. This orchard is beautiful.

Where is your favourite place to stroll? Has there been a place that has imprinted on your soul that you crave to go back to?

©2021 Laura MacDonald Photography shot on 35mm film, 2017?

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