Photography is the only thing that gets me through

Photography really is the only thing that gets me through tough times (besides the Lord of course). Finally after putting it off forever, I’ve gotten back to making a photo book of snippets of life since I started photography.

I sat at the kitchen table that’s the right height for tall people (realised maybe that’s why everyone else’s table is short because ours is tall. Dad must of made it with us giants in mind lol). Anyway, and I was thinking about how ever since I can remember, I have always loved going through old photos from my family’s life, my life and I remember asking Mum, “what were you doing here? Where was this? That’s a pretty dress, who made it? Who’s this?” I cannot wait til my kids go through this book and ask me about it.

I think memories have so much purpose, especially when it comes to passing them on to the next generation. Memories stir up dreams and I know that pictures from my family’s past has been a foundational part of my dreams and goals in life.

Pictures do tell a thousand words, but they also stir the heart to dream, to find empathy for the things past, to remember the important things we forget. They remind us to live in the simple moments because as you get older, it’s the simple moments your heart yearns to go back to.

What’s a favourite photo of yours from your family’s memories? What photo do you hold dear to your heart?

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