10 Dating Tips from a Single Gal

I’ve been wanting to share christian dating tips for a long time here, but felt unqualified as I’ve been intentionally single and unavailable for a long time. Of course always open to the one Christ has for me but always guarding my heart.

Anyway, I’m very passionate about all relationships and boundaries, I’m not perfect at them and I’m still learning. However, God has definitely placed communication as a strong pursuit in my heart. So I thought why not, if I can help a guy out, I will. I’m a huge fan of men, I like them, my personality is more masculine then feminine so I understand them better and I am no feminist (of course I’m against mistreatment of women, I just don’t want to squash men with my success and I believe the man is the head of the home).

Please know I am not able to extend on these points as much as I’d like to and there are definitely points for women but today I’m only addressing the guys because women have A LOT of info out there. Especially in the church and guys don’t seem to get told straight enough. So here’s a slap and a rose for you Christian males. Enjoy!

P.s. slide 6 should say ‘cultivate a wife’ in the last sentence.

I’m not necessarily saying for you to change who you are, you are still capable of doing these things no matter if you’re shy or introverted. Do it in a way that expresses who you are.

What would your advice be to the wonderful, majestic Christian men out there?

What’s your dating experience been like? Has online dating worked for you?

God bless.

Laura xx

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